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Our first release on Rehn Music Group is this single called Stay Away.

Music and lyrics by Patrick Rapp, written at Easter 2016 and released at Easter 2020.
It's a rock'n'roll track with a touch of blues and describes a stalker/witch woman.

Release date: April 10, 2020.
Recording date: November 23-24, 2019.
Recorded at Studio Domsaga, Sundsvall.
Recorded and mixed by Jonas Jönsson.
Produced by The Nightdrivers and Jonas Jönsson.
Mastered by Tommy Rehn.

Patrick Rapp: Guitars, Lead Vocals
Peter Bergman: Bass, Backup Vocals
Mikael Backe: Drums, Backup Vocals
Magnus Bergström: Piano & Organ

Stay Away
There's a woman I know, with an evil mind.
I treated her right, she was all but kind.
Now she's stalking me, cause I left her behind.
Doesn't matter where I go, she's got her eyes on me.
Even in the men's room, she won,t let me be.
She sticks like glue, but I just wanna be free.

Wo-wo-wo-wo, Stay away, stay away
Wo-wo-wo-wo, can't you hear what I say.
Don't want you around, Stay away, stay away

As soon as I turn around, she comes too near.
She pours gas in my coffee, she pours diesel in my beer.
She's a mean mean woman, I am a man In fear.
Woke up last night, she was knockin at my door.
I said to her please; don't wanna see you no more.
This morning she was hiding, back in my fifty-four.



There's a woman I know, with an evil mind.
I treated her right, she is all but kind.
Now she's stalking me, cause I left her behind.

With a broom between her legs, she made a spin.
Flew right in through my window and said with a grin.
I put a spell on you, so you can never win.



We are happy to announce that we recently entered into an agreement with Rehn Music Group for coming releases.
RMG is a record company located in Sweden and managed by CEO Tommy Rehn.
Other artists at RMG are Yohio, Simon Alexander and Danny Cooltmoore to name a few.

Our plan is to release some new singles for digital streaming during 2020, starting with the first one in mid April.

So stay tuned :-)

Our piano- and keyboard player Dick Sörholm is back in the band again after an intermission for more than half a year. Good to have you back again!

We also like to thank both Magnus Bergström and Fredrik Sundström for their great job as "fill-ins" during this period.

Session Seasons

We recently recorded 7 new tracks in Studio Domsaga, Sundsvall, mostly our own material.

Next up is a co-work with Danny Cooltmore, where we will back him up for some new tracks in the studio in february.

Our website has been updated with new technique to fit in better on all different media such as computers, tablets and mobile phones.
We have also made some changes in the design and contents.
Language has been changed from Swedish to English.