Single Release - Give Me A Sign


Our third and latest release on Rehn Music Group is a single called Give Me A Sign.
Music and lyrics by Peter Bergman.

The lyrics are about introspection, regret and remission of sins.
It's about a prisoner who is sentenced to death.

The music style is country & western.

Release date: August 14, 2020.
Recording date: November 23-24, 2019.
Recorded at Studio Domsaga, Sundsvall.
Recorded and mixed by Jonas Jönsson.
Produced by The Nightdrivers and Jonas Jönsson.
Mastered by Tommy Rehn.

Peter Bergman: Lead vocals, Bass, 12-string guitar.
Patrick Rapp: Guitars, backup vocals.

Mikael Backe: Drums, backup vocals.
Magnus Bergström: Piano

Give Me A Sign

Oh! Lord - give me a sign
I regret - this path of mine
I went astray - on my crooked road
Choices I made - became a heavy load

When I grew up - I hung with thugs
I started drinking - and went on drugs
Doing crimes - and sent to jail
Please help me Lord – 'cause I have failed


Lord - when on parole
To manage out - I robbed and stole
Being caught - doing my crime
And once again - I was doing time

Throughout my life - I've truely tried
To straighten up - but always slide
A broken man - without no faith
Dear Lord - help me turn strait


Lord - I'm sitting here
The end of life - it is so near
It's hard for me - but I try to pray
To straighten up - before my dying day

Oh! Lord - I'm out of time
Soon I'll be hanged - for my latest crime
I hope you hear - this prayer of mine
Oh! help me Lord - give me a sign
Please help me Lord - give me a sign